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Co-authored by a team of 23 contributors, this book addresses how patients view patient-centered care. Using the Social Determinants of Health as a basis, the book explores if patient-centered care is really being practiced by the country's hospitals and medical practices. The book explores a wide range of issues including how a patient's education, gender and sexual orientation, economic status, age, social circle, and access to healthcare all affect the patient's perception of whether they are receiving the most patient focused care possible. The book also explores how throughout a patient's life, those perceptions change, and what are reasonable expectations of a patient throughout their life. We are all patients, and this book relates to all of us. The book ultimately answers whether the healthcare delivery system is meeting the reasonable expectations of patients, and if so, how, and if not, what needs to be corrected. It is written in an easy-to-understand format with stories to illustrate the topics of the book.

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From the pages of Today's Patient, the online monthly magazine of The Power of the Patient Project: The National Library of Patient Rights and Advocacy, this is a collection of contributions from a talented group of columnists, who address the current issues in patient care and medicine in an easy-to-understand way. The book covers a wide range of subjects including wellness and exercise, healthy eating, women's health, men's health, mental wellness, patient rights, understanding treatment options, and improving the patient experience.

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Prior to the pandemic, very few people truly understood the dynamics of our public health system. That all changed in March of 2020, when the public health system guided our every move and advocated every day for our protection. This book explains public health and then looks at some of the issues that currently face America and the rest of the world in terms of public health initiatives. Issues such as women's health, men's health, access to healthcare, population health, taking care of the elderly, dealing with a changing healthcare system, and providing needed services and resources in the area of mental health are all addressed by insightful contributors from the fields of public health and healthcare policy.

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This is a book about telemedicine and its impact on the practice of medicine from the provider's perspective and from the patient's perspective. Now that telemedicine has become part of the American fabric and is now an accepted option for patients and providers, the question we have set out to answer is whether telemedicine has increased access to healthcare in the United States or whether it has not, since its adoption in 2020.

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