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Aidan Strealy

Alix Greenblatt

Anooshka Shukla

Ashley Mui

Bachhan Thi Nguyenphan

Bob Kieserman

Caitlin Laska

Elizabeth Linden

Evetta Zagorin

Gify Sebewie

Haja Timbo

Jessica Michnik-Rubinstein

Julianna Celestin

Morgan Ellis

Naman Kumar

Riham Alwaely

Sariah Johnson

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$8.00 including shipping

This is a book about telemedicine and its impact on the practice of medicine from the provider's perspective and from the patient's perspective. Now that telemedicine has become part of the American fabric and is now an accepted option for patients and providers, the question we have set out to answer is whether telemedicine has increased access to healthcare in the United States or whether it has not, since its adoption in 2020.

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