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Our Communications Team 

Grace Yeo, Director of Communications

Grace Yeo photo_edited.jpg

Grace Yeo is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. After completing her B.A. in Health and Society with a minor in Health Communications and a certificate in Pre-Health Professions, she looks forward to pursuing a career in law. Her interests include bioethics, medical sociology, and exploring how healthcare and technology intersect. She is always excited to utilize her previous exposure to the field of medicine and the passion she has for health equity in her work as a Senior Healthcare Communications Associate. Outside of Grace’s academic interests, she is an avid runner, a coffee enthusiast, and a passionate learner of Asian American history and literature.

Sunny Kern, Senior Associate


Sunny Kern is a rising junior at Baruch College pursuing a degree in Business Communication with a specialization in Corporate Communication. Having completed coursework in creative writing, journalism, and digital media, she has developed a strong understanding of storytelling and how to tailor messaging to specific audiences. She also has minored in Psychology, further providing her with a deep understanding of human behavior, motivation, and communication. In addition to her academic experience, she has been a social media intern in the Admissions Office of Baruch College, where she has been responsible for creating content on various platforms, managing social media accounts, and promoting school events. Sunny is also Co-Managing Editor of Today's Patient.

Sydney Stafford, Senior Associate

Head Shot - Sydney Stafford.png

Sydney Stafford is a second year Communications major, minoring in Digital and Social Media Studies at San Diego State University. As Associate Director of Public Relations, Sydney oversees projects that will raise public awareness about our digital library, our online magazine, and our books. at The Power of the Patient Project: The National Library of Patients Rights She was born in San Diego and after living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the last 10 years, she is excited to be back in California. Some of her hobbies include spending time outdoors hiking and heading to the beach. She also enjoys staying active through running, exploring new restaurants in the area, and trying to travel as much as possible.

Lejla Hadzisalihovic, Senior Associate

Lejla photo.jpg

Lejla Hadzisalihovic is beginning her career in public relations and advertising by working towards her undergraduate degree at Columbia College Chicago. To further her experience, she has taken on the role of Senior Communications Associate, joining our The Power of The Patient Project communications team. With a special interest in advertising, she provides the team with her expertise on how to use the strategies of advertising to raise public awareness of our digital library, our magazine, and our books.

Alix Greenblatt, Senior Associate

Alix Greenblatt photo.jpeg

Alix Greenblatt is currently working for the CDC Foundation/NYSDOH as a facility surveyor in long-term care. She is also working on finishing her MPH program at the University at Albany with a certificate in Global Health. Her goals are to one day work toward improving health rights for women and to work toward ending the stigma behind mental illness. She enjoys baking and music. Alix is a contributor to Today's Patient, and also is one of the authors who have contributed to our books.

Victoria Kirchinger, Senior Healthcare Communications Associate

Victoria photo.jpeg

Victoria Kirchinger is a senior at Oakland University pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communications with a minor in Public Relations. She is passionate about Advocacy and Impact, Brand Building, and Digital Media, and is on a mission to use her academic background to contribute to empowering patients through her work with the Healthcare Communications team. 

Keyana Newman, Senior Healthcare Communications Associate

Keyana Newman photo.tiff

Keyana Newman recently graduated from Farmingdale State College, receiving a BA in Professional Communications. Her passion for writing, visuals, and digital marketing is utilized in her Senior Healthcare Communications Associate role, benefiting from her relatable personality and communication skills. She has two years of experience working in healthcare and is devoted to helping others in her community. Keyana aspires to be an established copywriter in the public relations industry.

Daniel Khan, Senior Healthcare Communications Associate

Daniel Kahn photo.jpg

Daniel Khan is a senior psychology student minoring in LGBTQ+ studies at CUNY Queens College. Passionate about communications and marketing, Daniel aspires to blend psychology insights into effective marketing strategies. Alongside academics, Daniel is an entrepreneur, running Suave Customz, a custom t-shirt business, showcasing creativity and business acumen from local artists, content creators, and business owners.

Haley Valenta, Senior Healthcare Communications Associate

Haley Valenta graduated from Coe College with a Bachelor's degree in Writing and Public Relations. Her interests include mental health advocacy and writing poetry. She hopes to pursue a career in communications with a focus on writing, public relations, marketing, and advertising and is planning to publish her second book of poetry in the fall of 2023.

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