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maternal health

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by Maia Signore

Understanding Good Maternal Health

Maternal health refers to the well-being of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. It includes the physical, emotional, and social aspects of a woman's health related to reproduction. Some causes of maternal health issues can include complications during pregnancy or childbirth such as pre-eclampsia, hemorrhage, infections, and obstructed labor. What can cause these things to happen are; poor nutrition, lack of access to healthcare services, poverty, and limited education. When women aren't taking proper care of their body or receiving enough nutrition it comes back and affects them later in life when it affects their own health and their children. Treatment options are available to those who need it. They depend on the specific condition but may include medication, surgery, blood transfusions or other medical interventions. With these treatment options, women have the opportunity to resolve these maternal health issues however, they have to be cautious when they decide to

have another child. This can happen as many times as women let it happen. This is why being educated and taking proper precautions is extremely important. Thankfully, there are ways to improve maternal health outcomes, for example, increasing access to family planning services and education on healthy pregnancies and childbirth practices. Additionally, addressing social determinants such as poverty and gender inequality can also have a positive impact on maternal health outcomes. There are preventative measures that are used to be able to stop and “prevent” maternal health issues from happening in the future. There is adequate prenatal care, this includes physician check ups regularly. There is skilled attendance at birth, which includes the delivery process being supervised by a licensed professional. There is addressing the social determinants of health which includes addressing poverty and gender equality. Lastly, educating women about proper prenatal care, nutrition, and self care during pregnancy are other ways that prevention is applied and these all have had a positive impact on maternal health outcomes.

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