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Patient Empowerment

I Am a Patient

This is the poster that launched The Power of the Patient Project, based on The Patient Bill of Rights. The poster presents the wishes of a patient to his or her healthcare provider to have a better dialogue between patient and provider thereby empowering the patient and nurturing a much closer relationship with the patient for the healthcare provider.

The Patient's Playbook

The Power of the Patient Project is greatly influenced by the work of Leslie D. Michelson, author of The Patient's Playbook. This is a great website to explore.

The Patient Bill of Rights

Created by the American Hospital Association, The Patient Bill of Rights serves as the basis for patient empowerment. It is provided to every patient upon admission to the hospital and also serves as the basis for nurturing a healthy conversation between the healthcare provider and the patient in the office.

How to Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen

This is a great article with some excellent advice from AARP.

Questions for the MS Patient to Discuss with Your Doctor

This is an excellent checklist of things a patient with multiple sclerosis should address with the primary care physician or specialist.

Questions for the Transplant Patient to Discuss with Your Doctor

This is an excellent article for the transplant patient to review, either before surgery or post-surgery, to be prepared to have a valuable conversation with the doctor.

Sample Patient Satisfaction Survey

This is an example of a complete patient satisfaction survey. 

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