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Patient Perspectives
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January, 2021

Perspectives - An Interview with Kelly Harris

Charlotte Grinnell hosts this informative interview with patient advocate Kelly Harris on how patient support groups can make the difference in the healing of a patient. Kelly has spent her career heading organizations dedicated to patient support, and speaks candidly about the best way a patient can benefit from a support group.

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April, 2019 

Patient Rights in the News

Straight from the headlines of the nation's news sources, Bob Kieserman and Dr. James Trainor discuss the implications of revoking the Affordable Care Act and the approval of the Aid to Dying Law in New Jersey.

Segment 1 - The Danger of Revoking the ACA - Part 1
Segment 2 - The Danger of Revoking the ACA - Part 2
Segment 3 - The New Jersey Aid in Dying Act and the Ethics of Assisted Suicide
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July, 2018

The Perspectives of the College Generation

This is a fascinating discussion between Bob Kieserman and the 2018 summer internship team - college students from across the United States - discussing a wide range of healthcare-related subjects relevant to this patient population.

Segment 1
Segment 2
Segment 3
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