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About The Power of the Patient Project

The Power of the Patient Project is a completely volunteer national initiative headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It has been designated by the National Library of Medicine as one of the only digital libraries in the country devoted exclusively to education and information on patient rights, The Project is anchored by its website. The website offers patients a comprehensive list of reliable sources for finding information on medical conditions and treatment options as well as an extensive library of video segments featuring prominent physicians, healthcare providers, and healthcare leaders discussing how to improve the patient experience. The website also features informational video segments on the current issues in the areas of patient rights and patient advocacy. In addition to the website, The Project offers an outreach program that provides live educational workshops to patient support groups as well as a personal research service where medical librarians will research questions for patients on medical conditions and treatment options and compile easy to understand articles that can be sent by mail or sent electronically. 

How It All Began ...

Work on creating The Power of the Patient Project, the National Library of Patient Rights and Advocacy, began in 2014 when a group of talented on-camera hosts, videographers, and segment producers spent the next three years, filming over 120 video interviews with some of the most prominent physicians and healthcare leaders in the country. This initial project was called Health and Wellness. In the spring of 2017, Bob Kieserman and a select group of his healthcare administration students at the Arcadia University School of Global Business, near Philadelphia, collaborated to expand the project and

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created the current website and introduced the community outreach efforts of the Project. The mission of the Project was to educate consumers about their patient rights, help patients become more proactive with healthcare decisions, and teach patients how to have a more interactive dialogue with their healthcare providers. Based on the Medical Library Association guidelines for providing consumer and patient health information, the goal of the Project has always remained to transform patients from healthcare accepters to better healthcare consumers and help foster a better relationship between patients and their healthcare providers.

In the summer of 2017, the students became the Founding Executive Advisory Board and Bob Kieserman assumed the role of the Project's volunteer executive director. In August of 2018, the Project was designated the National Library of Patient Rights and Advocacy, and is recognized by the National Library of Medicine.



Our Dedicated Volunteer Team


Bob Kieserman is the Founding Executive Director of The Power of the Patient Project. Bob served as the Program Director of the Health Administration Program and was a member of the senior faculty at the Arcadia University School of Global Business for over 20 years. Throughout his 35 year career, Bob taught and mentored thousands of men and women preparing them for careers as physicians, nurses, rehab therapists, hospital administrators, nursing home administrators, and medical practice administrators. Throughout his impressive career, he also practiced as a  healthcare consultant, and continues to work within the Project as a consumer health librarian and medical sociologist. He earned his MBA from the Fox School of Business at Temple University and his MLIS from the Rutgers University School of Communication and Information. Prior to joining Arcadia, Bob was the CEO of one of the country's leading continuing medical education companies for over 15 years, and prior to that served as Assistant to the Deans of the Temple University School of Medicine. He was also a Special Lecturer in Medical Practice Management at the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, the Temple University School of Medicine, and the Howard University College of Medicine. Highly respected by both clinicians and administrators throughout the country, he is the author of four books on medical practice management and over 200 articles on the issues of healthcare management and patient rights. Bob is a member of the Medical Sociology Section of the American Sociological Association and, in recognition of his writing contributions, he was inducted as a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists in 2020. Bob's passion is educating patients about their rights and empowering patients to be better consumers of the healthcare delivery system.

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Media personality Kearni Warren talks to Bob Kieserman about The Power of the Patient Project and patient rights.

Education and Outreach

Courtney Pokallus, Associate Director of Patient Outreach and Education

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Courtney Pokallus is a Healthcare Administration Major with a minor in Global Public Health at Arcadia University. She has also completed two seasons competitively swimming for Arcadia and has experience volunteering for multiple organizations including the One Project and her local public library. With a great interest in the healthcare system in the United States, Courtney is committed to advocating for patients rights as the Associate Director of Provider Outreach and Education at The Power of the Patient Project.

Media Production & Communications Team

Mason Kerecz, Associate Director of Media Relations

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Mason Kerecz is a junior at Michigan State University who is majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Leadership of Organizations. Mason has volunteered with the Poor People’s Campaign in Lansing, MI, where he was able to oversee the transformation of an old middle school into a community center for the  underprivileged. During his time at Michigan State, he has also held the philanthropy chair position for his fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, where he utilized social media and different communication strategies to raise money and awareness for the Stop AAPI Hate organization. Mason is responsible for working with media outlets throughout the country to help promote the resources and video library of the Project.

Jackie Connelly, Director of Video Production


Jackie Connelly is responsible for creating all of the video segments for our social media posts, our educational video content, as well as for producing our Monthly Magazine. She graduated from Bucks County Community College as a Cinema/Video major, and also completed a Certificate in Photography. While attending college, one of Jackie's films was chosen as a finalist to be showcased by all student film majors. She previously worked as a video editing intern for a digital marketing video company. This opportunity gave her the opportunity to advance her editing skills. As Director of Video Production for The Power of the Patient Project, she applies her work ethic and creativity to promote and advance her video editing skills further, while bringing attention to the mission of the Project. As a video editor and filmmaker, she believes in bringing passion and purpose to each and every project.

Delany Nusbickel, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

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Delany Nusbickel is a recent graduate from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Communications. She has volunteered her time at Lourdes Noreen McKeen Residence from 2019 to 2020 and later completed a marketing internship. Additionally, she also has a background in education including working with children who have special needs and becoming a teacher’s assistant. Currently, she hopes to make a difference in providing more awareness about the mental health crisis during this time of a global pandemic. Delany joined The Power of the Patient Project because she believes it is a great opportunity to openly discuss patients rights and advocacy as well as learn more about how mental health plays a critical role in the medical field. 

Leon Taryan, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

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Leon Taryan is a senior at Hunter College majoring in journalism with a minor in political science. He has also been a member of the wrestling team at Hunter since his freshman year of college. He has a special interest in sports and broadcast journalism with aspirations to work with the professional sports leagues. Leon produces his own podcast and also is involved in video editing, doing voiceovers, and performing on-camera. Leon enjoys bringing the expertise of medicine and wellness to our audience. 

Charlotte Grinnell, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

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Charlotte Grinnell is an experienced talk show host. A graduate of Elon University in May 2020 with a major in Cinema and Television Arts and minor in Psychology, she served as a main host on Elon’s weekly broadcast, Etalk. Her on-air work included interviewing guests and moderating discussion panels on various topics while also helping to conceptualize, produce and present news and entertainment segments. Prior to joining The Power of the Patient Project, she worked as a Communications and Marketing Intern with some major organizations. On camera, Charlotte combines her passion for impactful storytelling with her dedication to advocacy as one of the professional hosts of our video segments. She is also the host of Perspectives, the web series.

Demi Vaughn, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

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Demi Vaughn is a graduate of Ball State University’s College of Communication, Information, and Media. She has a degree in Journalism with a minor in Sociology, and has a concentration in Mass Communication’s. She served as the president of the Ball State chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. She started her journalism career writing for local newpapers and magazines. Her byline can be found in the Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis Recorder, The Ball State Daily News, Black Press USA, Indiana Minority Business Magazine, Hope For Women Magazine and Ball Bearings Magazine. She has a passion for the entertainment and beauty industry. Her devotion to storytelling has led her to interviewing Korey Wise and Kevin D. Richardson both from the Central Park Exonerated 5 and reality stars like Claudia Jordan. Demi's passion for patient advocacy is obvious from the segments she hosts.

Hailey Hough, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

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Hailey Hough is a hardworking Advertising Management Communications major at Michigan State University and a minor in Business. Hailey's passion for being on camera can be seen by her experience acting in several commercials, as well as photoshoots through her modeling agency. When combining her passion for business and on camera media production, she discovered an interest in broadcasting and is excited to be part of the broadcast team. She is driven and determined to provide the best content that educates and spreads awareness on patient rights, and enjoys creating intriguing content interviewing leading healthcare professionals.

MILLI Long, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

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MILLI Long can truly say she was born for a career in entertainment. Born to a radio dad and stay at home mom, she began public speaking at the tender age of 7 and has been using her voice to move people ever since. MILLI has done a little of everything in the broadcasting field - reporting, producing, radio announcing, emceeing live events, writing and editing, as well as voiceovers. Her journalism background helped her land several roles, so she's teasingly been dubbed "America's Reporter".  As a host, she’s been honored to share the exceptional stories of various guests from authors and mothers to popular actors and musical groups. MILLI is poised, professional, and articulate with a fun-loving, energetic spirit. She’s a lifelong learner who has a natural curiosity about the world around her. MILLI is the mother of 4 beautiful children and surrogate mom to 3! In her spare time, MILLI loves to sing, dance, travel, and read. The Power of the Patient Project is honored to have MILLI as a member of our broadcast team.

Elizabeth Linden, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

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Elizabeth Linden is a retired special education teacher with 25 years of experience. She has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and a master’s degree in Health Psychology. Liz has been an advocate for the educational needs of special education students throughout her career as well as an advocate for her own medical needs as a person with a rare headache disorder. Out of necessity, she learned that she needed to become an expert regarding her own medical condition. She is pleased to be a part of our broadcast team and believes passionately in the importance of trust in the doctor-patient relationship and for the patient to feel empowered to give feedback. She also strives to encourage patients and to learn about their treatment and ask for more help when we need it.

Kaci Iuvura, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

Kaci Iavura photo.jpg

Kacie Iuvara is a podcaster, performer, and longtime storyteller. She has trained at Ohio Wesleyan University, the American Conservatory Theater, and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She also has extensive experience with the American medical system, both as a patient and an avid learner. As a member of our broadcasting team, her goal is to empower others to achieve the best care and treatment possible.

Tannaz Alesafar, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

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Tannaz Alesafar has worked for over eleven years in the financial industry, and three years in content writing, social media, and marketing. During her career, she has won awards for service, sales, strong client relations, and communication skills, which motivated her to pursue her passion for broadcasting and interviewing. Tannaz has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University, majoring in Communication, focusing on Marketing, Public Relations, and Public Speaking. She also completed her Certificate in Broadcasting and Journalism from BCIT School of Broadcasting, focusing on podcasting, interviewing, video production, and editing.

Dove Sinclair, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

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Dove Sinclair graduated from Wagner College, majoring in arts administration with a minor in film and media. She likes to fence and was the captain of her school's Division One fencing team for three years. She has a passion for creating interview based documentaries and reading thought provoking books. When in her hometown, Dove teaches CPR to the community and medical professionals in need of recertifications. Dove also served as Director of Media Production throughout the COVID-19 crisis overseeing all media production for the Project, coordinating the scheduling of interviews, working with our team of hosts to prepare them for their interviews, and selecting the many different topics that are addressed in our video library. She herself is also an important member of our broadcast staff bringing depth to our video segments.

Elena Sung, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

Elena Sung photo.jpeg

Elena Sung graduated from the University of Michigan with Honors with a Bachelor’s in Biology and Mathematics. With plans to become a physician, she has worked on research and fundraising projects to aid students with disability get access to health resources. As a medical scribe in a busy emergency department, she has seen the importance of empowering patients with knowledge and resources to help them make educated decisions about their treatment. She currently volunteers to assist patients with chronic disease gain healthcare education through virtual sessions. Her experience in the medical field as a volunteer, medical scribe, and educator has led to a passion for advocating for good healthcare,  especially in addressing barriers to care. She is also a Senior Researcher with MedFocus Research, our research division. As part of that team, she contributes to the creation of patient resources through research and hopes to create a lasting impact on patient/provider interactions.

Mo Sharpe, Senior Segment Anchor/Producer

Monique Sharp photo.jpg

Mo Sharpe is a graduate of American Military University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. She has a background of over 17 years of experience in Scientific/Medical Research Field. For the past five years, she also served as a freelance journalist, digital content creator, and host for different online publications. In her role of Senior Segment Anchor/Producer at The Power of the Patient Project, she helps keep patients informed and updated on current rights and responsibilities to take action to ensure they know their options.