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What is the Number #1 complaint of patients?

Studies have shown that the major complaint patients have about a visit to the doctor's office is the negative attitude of the front desk and medical support staff. But we don't think it's completely their fault. Often, the problem is simply that there is a lack of good communication between the staff and the management of the practice or conflicts with patients or conflicts among the staff. MedFocus specializes in identifying the problems that exist and finding solutions. We accomplish it by skillfully facilitating professionally led focus groups and one-on-one interviews with your staff members to truly understand the real issues, and then we work with you to resolve the problems. We have been doing it for over 15 years.

We work with you and your entire staff ...

Whether it is the front desk staff, the medical support staff, or the back end staff, MedFocus discovers any and all underlying issues that may be compromising your customer service values. We are careful to listen to your staff and get their feedback about any issues they see as affecting their work. We then summarize our findings in a comprehensive report. Next, we work with your practice to eliminate all of the issues, whether they involve conflicting work relationships, lack of resources, problems the staff may encountering with patients, or problems with protocols that must be changed.

Experience Counts ....

With over 35 years of solid experience working with healthcare practices, we pride ourselves on the results we get. Our partners are experienced in both practice management and human resources management, combined with an appreciation and full understanding of marketing and customer service. We are able to get to the bottom of an issue, identify it, and then help you work with your entire staff to empower them and to foster a positive dedication to being part of a team.

We pride ourselves on the feedback we gather for you ...

We work with all types of healthcare practices. Whether you are a medical practice, a dental practice, an optometry practice, or a therapy practice, we are experienced in quickly gaining the trust of your employees so that we get the best and most valuable feedback possible. To learn more about MedFocus, click here.

We are presently conducting all focus groups and one-on-one interviews virtually.

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